In just ten years, Middlebridge School has achieved a reputation as one of the leading schools in the country for students with learning differences. Our school mission and history, dedicated staff, and valued community make us unique in our field.

What truly sets us apart, however, is our educational philosophy. At Middlebridge, we are a relationship-based community. Every staff member – many  of whom have been with us since our inception in 2008 – works compassionately and tirelessly to develop and maintain strong relationships with our students, so that they can begin to trust in others and in themselves.

And that trust is absolutely critical. We are working with exceptional students, both cognitively and creatively. Yet many of them have for too long been viewed through a limited diagnostic lens, having been told by teachers, peers, or evaluators what they’re not good at, what they can’t do. In our community, each of our students is celebrated as an individual and viewed through the lens of strength, passion, and potential.

The primary and central goal of our program is to create confident and self-aware learners who are prepared for success, at Middlebridge and beyond, at college and in the global community. In every way, we promote student success, academic curiosity, and motivation.

We are truly creating life-long learners and compassionate citizens of the world, students who learn how to learn, both in and out of the classroom.

For many of our students, Middlebridge is the first place they have ever felt a deep sense of belonging. And that sense of belonging and respect – and the honest communication that goes with it – extends to parents and families as well. When we welcome a student to Middlebridge, we embrace the entire family. It is very much a working collaboration toward lifelong student success, confidence, and trust. Because we have these young people here for a moment only. We provide a solid foundation. It is they and their families who will build upon that foundation well beyond their time with us.

The young people who come to us at Middlebridge have never met so many opportunities for achievement and for the confidence that comes with it, either in their individual academic experiences or in their ability to interact socially toward shared success. Once our students come to see – and believe – that they are smart, capable, and gifted in so many ways, their thirst for understanding, for hard work, for acceptance, and for success can be almost overwhelming.

I am truly honored to serve as Head of School for Middlebridge School. I invite and encourage you to come experience our community for yourselves.

Warm Regards,

John J. Kaufman
Head of School