Middlebridge has achieved a reputation as one of the leading programs in the country for students with learning differences. Our innovative curriculum, programs, dedicated staff, and caring community make us unique in the field of education.


The Middlebridge classroom is likely different from classes your student has been in before.  Classes are small—with between five and seven students—and comprised of peers who share similar learning profiles. Classrooms are language-based, multisensory learning environments, incorporating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. Teachers and students work collaboratively to explore content, share ideas, and build skills in a safe and highly interactive environment.

The Middlebridge classroom is success-oriented to encourage academic curiosity and motivation.

There are a wide range of opportunities for students to express their understanding and share their unique talents. Areas of strength are reinforced while areas of challenge are addressed by teachers to identify the source of students’ confusion and error patterns. Students’ success drives the pace of progress through the curriculum, as well as the selection of materials, assignments, and assessments.

Students work independently to reinforce the day’s lessons during proctored study halls. Our teachers serve as proctors and are available to answer questions, provide additional resources, and support students as they work through individual assignments. Every class and program is tailored to the individual student to maximize his or her potential and encourage students to become independent, lifelong learners.


The academic program at Middlebridge consists of instruction in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Art and Technology, and Physical Education and Wellness.  Our academic curriculum is approved by the Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)


In addition to our supportive and collaborative classrooms, what sets Middlebridge apart from other schools are our progressive Social and Emotional Learning course, individualized Tutorial program, and forward-thinking Lighthouse program.

We also offer a postgraduate program, the Bridge program, to help prepare students for the challenges of navigating the college environment, independent living, and finding and retaining employment.

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning is a daily, innovative class that helps students understand complex social interactions and gives them the tools they need to successfully navigate social relationships essential to personal fulfillment and independence.

Tutorial Program

Our Tutorial program offers daily one-on-one instruction with a language remediation specialist, enabling students to target their individual areas of difficulty, develop their strengths, and work toward their full potential.


Our Lighthouse internship and career exploration program allows students to learn about the working world and to develop job-related skills through internships and job shadow opportunities.