Social and Emotional Learning

Social skill development is an integral part of the Middlebridge curriculum. We pride ourselves on being a relationship-based school and want all of our students to feel a sense of belonging to our school community and to the world at large.

Social Emotional Learning is a daily academic class for all Middlebridge students. Our Social Emotional and Learning specialists help students understand complex social interactions and give them the tools they need to successfully navigate social relationships. Social Emotional Learning uses classroom instruction, role playing, real-time feedback, group processing sessions, and self-reflection exercises to improve social interactions in all contexts of a student’s life.

Each student has different social strengths and challenges. The Social Emotional Learning curriculum is highly individualized, with consideration for a student’s overall maturity, age, and sense of readiness to explore a variety of curriculum topics.

Social Emotional Learning: Emotional Intelligence

Learning Style

Understanding multiple intelligences, identifying learning styles, and recognizing academic and social impact of learning differences.


Improving conversational skills, including active listening skills; understanding body language, facial expressions, context and setting; and encouraging self-disclosure.

Self Advocacy

Recognizing a need for help, learning to ask for help, and building awareness of academic and social support.


Understanding their own and others’ emotions; managing anger and stress; and developing empathy and self-esteem.


Making friends and maintaining friendships, understanding boundaries and relationships, engaging in appropriate conversations; developing trust, and learning healthy dating behavior.

Social Media

Setting boundaries, understanding need for personal security, identifying appropriate use of social media, and determining whom to trust when sharing information, understanding cause and effect of posting personal information online.

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