Get out into the fresh air, slow down, and breathe. This strength-based, fun, dynamic, natural and creative programming will use the powers of the local environment as a catalyst and stage for Middlebridge students to focus on commandeering their life’s journey. Just as in daily life, students will be met with high-spirited and dynamic challenges. These challenges will characterize their orientation and exploration of the power of choice, innovation, vision, ownership, and personal leadership. Our experiences are led by a knowledgeable and highly- skilled group of professional guides.

Summer Program 2016:

Montana Leadership Adventure, Beginners, Dates: June 25 – July 8

Utah Leadership Adventure, Advanced, Dates: July 16 – July 29

Think outside. No box required.


Fun, dynamic, creative, cooperative, and intimate environment supported by qualified and caring professionals.


Vision, ownership, leadership, innovation, drive, adaptation, decision making, relationships, and goal setting.


Direction, motivation, focus, inspiration, rejuvenation.


In conjunction with veteran Middlebridge School staff, Breakwater Expeditions will direct all summer expeditions. Breakwater is a team of highly-skilled outdoor professionals with years of experience in developing and leading adventure programs and expeditions for young adults, teens and families.