College or vocational classes are different from high school classes, with students expected to do more learning on their own. The Bridge program staff supports students challenged by these demands by helping them manage their time, improve their organizational skills, and develop good study habits. We help students to understand their learning styles and the type of support they may need to be successful at the college level. The Bridge program staff encourages students to advocate for themselves by requesting help and accommodations from professors and school resource centers as needed.

All students receive individual tutoring as part of the Bridge program. Students also receive support in small groups, focusing on common academic areas they need to strengthen.

The Bridge program is offered in conjunction with the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) in Newport, University of Rhode Island, and New England Technical Institute in Warwick. Bridge students may enroll at one of these schools and study what they choose from a multitude of classes offered.


PG Classes Taken

Recommended CCRI Classes