Weekends are a time to have fun, be active, relax, do a favorite activity, try something new, and enjoy friends. At Middlebridge, weekends are all these things. Students choose from a wide variety of weekend programs that include recreational, educational, and cultural activities in Rhode Island and New England.

Check out a sample weekend sign-up sheet (see below) to get an idea of a typical weekend’s offerings. Off campus activities include local festivals, restaurants, museums, bowling, natural areas, concerts, athletic events, shopping, adventure and wilderness trips, and amusement parks. On campus activities include movies, cooking, athletic programs, art projects, community service, and special event parties.

Middlebridge weekend staff members supervise students in the dorms and during activities, and provide transportation to off campus events.

Middlebridge is within driving distance of the some of the best natural and cultural experiences in the Northeast. Our weekend Discovery trips enrich students’ education by taking advantage of what this region has to offer.

Past Discovery Trips

Freedom Trail in Boston

Aquariums and Science Exhibits

Washington D.C.

Mystic Seaport

Local Historical Areas

New York City Theater

United Nations

Natural Areas

RI State House

College Tours

Cultural Presentations

Art Museums